Monday, 26 June 2006

Sawatdee Khrap

Bangkok, Thailand. A paradox. The most beautiful environmental disaster I have ever experienced. The traffic is insane. No rules, ablaze with speeding three-wheeled, golf-buggy-type vehicles known as 'Tuk-Tuks'. The haze is so thick the sun rarely shines through. Post-Tuk-Tuk one definitely feels the effect of the greenhouse on the neurons. The majority of buildings are in a state of disrepair, and littered amongst them, everywhere, are markets, selling everything from clothes to food to flowers. 'Genuine fake' are the magic words. Utter them and be presented with a plethora of Rolex rip-offs, bastardized Bvlgari and vitiated Vuitton. The adult industry thrives here, as does the obvious poverty. But through all this, the Thai people shine. Young at heart, even somewhat immature, the sweet nature of these beautiful people more than negates the downfalls of this magnificent city. An ideal example of the nature of happiness, and that it is not what we own or where we live that is responsible for it, but rather our own attitude and ability to live in the moment. Bangkok, Thailand. I shall return.

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