Wednesday, 11 July 2007

San Sebastian, Spain

Trivial things that have interested me so far whilst in Spain:

  1. Hanging my clothes out to dry ‘European Style’ on the clothesline outside our kitchen apartment window and (struggling to) have a conversation with an old Spanish woman the apartment across.

  2. The fact that the light switches in our apartment alternate between up and down for on.

  3. The roll-down blinds in every apartment that completely block out the daylight for an always successful siesta.

  4. The neatness and absolute complete use of all space in regards to placement of drawers and cupboards, particularly in the kitchen.

  5. The monotony of colour selection in the lighting store (all the lamp-shades were off-white).

  6. The level of drama and sexual connotation in the advertisements on Spanish television (so many condom adverts).

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