Thursday, 21 June 2007

Khao San Road, Bangkok

Our first night out in Khao San Road proved to be a most aurally satisfying club-hopping affair. Starting at the far end we moved from live acoustic, to reggae, to drum’n’bass all within three or so hours, something I haven’t done in Melbourne in a good while. The almost complete absence of pretentiousness in Thai clubs is refreshing. I found myself not once stressing about how I was looking or how the person next to me might be perceiving me; a welcome change from the image-obsessed clubs back home. Smiles are an epidemic, and styles of dance are as varied as the patronage. Furthermore, Thai’s advertise their clubs based on music genre, not by DJ – a small detail that makes things so easy for the foreigner to comprehend. I immediately thought of all the poor backpackers who had decided to visit Melbourne, taken one look at Beat magazine and been so confused as to what club to visit. Unfortunately, ‘Grant Smillie’ doesn’t really mean much to the non-Australian. The pretentious world that engulfs clubs has no-doubt infected the comprehensiveness of a simple night out. In saying that, I remind myself that therein lies the charm of my hometown. But, it was definitely a boon to know for sure that the club we were paying entry to was without two doubts, according to the flier, playing 'Full-on Psychedelic Trance' and only 'Full-on Psychedelic Trance' all night long (which we managed to get over quite quickly).

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