Monday, 25 June 2007

Khao Sok National Park

A 5 hour bus and Hilux ride later, we finally arrived at Khao Sok National Park, a welcome contrast to the tacky tourist saturated beach of Patong (which you’ll notice I have chosen not to even write about). The vista beyond our bungalow balcony was quite simply one of the most unbelievable I had ever seen; sharp inclining limestone cliffs streaked with steel grey, milky white and peach tones, draped majestically with a gamut of green. Clouds of steam drifted up and over the peaks and graduated evenly into the white overcast sky. The rain fell consistent and light, soaking me slowly, cooling my face. A light breeze blew through the valley. It was relieving to finally escape the swelter of the rest of Thailand.

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